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Universal Sling

The Standard. The Classic.

Whether cars or great old songs, there’s a reason some things become classics: they just work. And the Universal Sling is a classic. Easy to use, easy to fit, it has the classic lines for almost any transfer, whether seated, reclined or supine. The Universal Sling can be used in a divided leg or closed leg position for transfers to or from a bed, wheelchair, the floor or even a toilet or commode, thanks to its commode aperture. With its high quality, enduring design and smart combination of form and function, its wide-ranging features make the Universal Sling appropriate to nearly all sling applications and a lasting standby you can always rely on.


Product Details


  • Easy to use for most transfers
  • Comfortable design
  • Color-coded loops to accommodate various seating positions, positioning markers and guide handles to ensure correct handling during transfers
  • Durable construction and available in a variety of materials: mesh/poly and mesh/poly with taped head support, polyslip and polyslip with head support, spacer and spacer with taped head support and disposable
  • Designed to assist with toileting, either bathroom or commode
  • Spacer material has an antimicrobial coating using Sanitized TH 22-27
  • Sizes XS – XXL
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 1000 lbs (453 kg)
  • GSA-FSS Contract No. V797D – 30041

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