The Thorax Will Sling You Now

Compatible exclusively with Handicare’s MiniLift200 and MiniLift160 – ThoraxSling is designed to provide a pleasant sit-to-stand experience for the patient and to assist the caregiver in facilitating patient toileting. During lifting, the pulling motion ends comfortably in the lower back, preventing the sling from sliding up under the arms.


Product Details


ThoraxSling is available in two basic models (with and without seat support) and comes in a variety of sizes and materials to suit each patient’s needs.

  • Color Coded Sizes – each size sling has its own trim color that is simple to identify and sort
  • Built-in Arm Holders – provides arm support for patients who may have lost use of either arm from a stroke or other ailment (polyester versions only)
  • Padded Vest – allows firm and comfortable support for patient
  • Alternative Lift Loops – enables upright posture, regardless of the patient’s height
  • Durable Hygienic Materials – smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean and promote ease of transfer when sliding the sling underneath the patient
  • Can be laundered or disinfected with standard cleaning agents
  • Engineered for patients weighing up to 660 lbs (300 kg) for polyester version and 450 lbs (204 kg) for wipeable
  • Available in sizes XS – XXL (polyester), S – XL (polyester with seat support) and S – XXL (wipeable)


LoopTag: is for marking the sling loops that should be used for a specific user

NameTag: is for the labeling of slings, belts and other assistive devices

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