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WendyLett is a family of satin sliding sheets made specifically for patients who have difficulties turning in bed. Cotton ensures comfort while polyester guarantees functionality and durability. For additional assistance, combine with the WendyLett2Way draw sheet or WendyLett4Way sliding draw sheet.


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WendyLett is available in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes for easier turning and repositioning. The colors and patterns of the fabric indicate the function of the sheet and the needs of the user while remaining stylish enough to be used as daily bedding.

  • Sheets thin enough to be used with pressure-relieving mattresses yet plush enough to provide the user with maximum comfort, including elimination of seams across the sheets
  • Fabric quality is continuously monitored for its strength, durability, washing and flame-retardant properties


WendyLett: Available in both flat and fitted sheet styles, WendyLett is a satin sliding sheet that can be used by itself or in combination with the WendyLett2Way or WendyLett4Way.

  • Anti-slip material allows sheets to be used as normal bedding
  • Sheet won’t slip and neither will the patient
  • Coupled with a smooth and silky center reduces caregiver effort and potential injury


WendyLett2Way: A draw sheet for sliding sideways.

  • Made of material adapted from the WendyLett base sheet yet further reduces the likelihood of sliding down in bed
  • Use 2Way system on top of WendyLett base sheet for heightened turning support


WendyLett4Way: For multi-directional sliding, use the 4Way draw sheet on top of the WendyLett base sheet.

  • Combination allows for moving both sideways and from top to bottom
  • Assists caregiver when trying to turn someone in bed, moving higher up/lower in bed or repositioning a patient
  • 4Way can be used with both bariatric and passive users


IncoSheet: Super-absorbent incontinence protection.

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