P-600 Portable Ceiling Lift

When You Need a Little More Muscle

Whether it’s that jar of pickles you can’t open or moving the sleeper sofa so you can vacuum under it, sometimes you need a little more muscle to get the job done. The P-600 is the muscle you need. With its 600 lb capacity, the P-600 is ideal for environments with a demand for higher weight transfers. Plus, it features an optional cart to carry the load for you when transporting between rooms.

Product Details


Featuring waterproof on-board pneumatic hand controls for superior reliability even for bath transfers, the P-600’s digital display provides real-time feedback as well as indicating battery life and lift counts for required maintenance.

  • Integral full-width carry bar
  • On-board controls
  • Optional cart
  • Charges from a standard wall outlet
  • Safety mechanisms: over-speed governor, built-in safety limits, slack strap sensor and emergency lowering
  • Positive locking latches
  • Articulating carry bar, so the lift sits safe and upright on the optional cart for easy transport
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs (272 kg)


Aluminum Reacher: used to attach the portable lift to the trolley; available in 24 in and 36 in designs to accommodate different ceiling heights

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