Putting Your Best FootStool Forward

When you need a little boost, FootStool helps give you the lift you need. Placed under your feet, FootStool raises your knees to promote easier and safer transfers from a seated position. It also can be used to facilitate repositioning further back in a chair or wheelchair and offers additional support when using the toilet.

Product Details


FootStool was specially designed with ergonomics in mind and comes available in either 2in or 4in heights.

  • Firm and slip-resistant, FootStool prevents the user from sliding
  • Indentation in the front edge of FootStool enables the caregiver to stand as close as possible while maintaining better posture
  • In the rear edge there is a more shallow indentation for a toilet chair or other obstacles
  • Made of cellular plastic, a sturdy material that doesn’t slide on the underlying surface
  • Surface is easy to clean with a soap or alcohol solution


FootStool Cover: made of a wipeable material for optimal hygiene; includes zipper and handle for easy removal and transporting.

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