Dual Access Sling

When You Gotta Go…

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And if you need a sling to help when you gotta go, go with the Dual Access Sling. Still maintaining support behind the user’s back and beneath his or her legs, the Dual Access Sling features a specials U-shaped design with extensive cutouts that allow access to remove and replace lower garments for toileting—in short, when you gotta go, this is the sling to go with.


Product Details


Seated Transfer Sling for Toileting

  • Provides support from under the thighs, behind the mid to low back, around the torso with a Velcro and belt enclosure
  • Side retention straps are optional
  • Divided, padded leg supports can be applied and removed in a seated position
  • Large commode opening

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