C-1000 Bariatric Ceiling Lift

Swing into Action

Some situations call for more than an ordinary ceiling lift. When faced with a challenge too great for any other ceiling lift, the C-1000 is there to save the day. Offering confidence in caring for bariatric patients and their unique needs, the C-1000’s impressive 1000 lb capacity is the lifting and transfer hero for patients who exceed the capacity of lesser lifts, providing safety and dignity for both patient and caregivers.


Product Details


The C-1000 bariatric ceiling lift makes it possible for caregivers to safely lift and transfer people of all sizes with respect and dignity. With an astonishing weight capacity of 1000 lbs, the C-1000 is the strongest lift in its class.

Also available is the C-1000 tandem system. Equipped with all the same features as the single-motor system, the C-1000 tandem incorporates a second motor with a dual-track arrangement. Using two independently-operated motors, caregivers can safely lift a patient’s torso and legs separately, maintaining angles that allowing for precise body positioning and increased patient comfort.

  • Digital display with built-in diagnostics
  • Weight Limit: 1000 lbs (454 kg)
  • Tandem model dual-motor option for precision lifting
  • Lift counter for maintenance and compliance
  • Constant charge
  • Emergency stop/lowering
  • 1000 lb scale
  • Four carry bar designs for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Quick Release System for simple interchange of carry bars
  • Range of sling sizes and styles for most transfer maneuvers
  • Custom slings on demand
  • On-site assessment, manufacturer’s qualified installation and training

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