Hammock Sling

Customized Hammock Slings for the Province of British Columbia.

Moving and Handling practitioners in the province of British Columbia have been the Canadian pioneers of safe and advanced practice. As a result of input from these experienced practitioners the Universal Sling, Hammock Sling, and Hygiene Sling designs were customized for the customer base in British Columbia. These designs are now the slings of choice for clients using floor and ceiling based lifts in the province of British Columbia and available to all Handicare customers.


Product Details


Multi-Purpose Seated Transfer Sling

  • Provides support around the hips and sacral area and under the thighs up to the shoulders with optional head support
  • Multiple loop and strap options can accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions
  • Divided leg supports that can be applied and removed in a seated or supine position
  • Leg straps can be applied in various positions for different levels of support
  • Built-in caregiver handles on each side add a level of control when moving and transferring user
  • Small commode opening

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