The Sling with Something Extra

BariSling provides complete, secure support for patients with extra-large frames weighing over 1250 lbs (570 kg). Designed for the most common lifting situations, use it in combination with mobile and stationary lifts with a four-point or BariTurn suspension bar.


Product Details


  • Has six suspension points; two loops at the back and four below, under the legs, to distribute pressure safely and comfortably
  • Available in woven polyester or disposable models
  • Undivided Leg Supports – Easy for the caregiver to apply and remove, the sling may be left under patient in chair after completed transfer
  • Shoulder-High Back – Patient is well supported from the hollows of the knees, under the legs and up to the shoulders
  • Reclined Seating Posture – Comfortable and secure position for patient as well as ergonomic position for caregiver interaction with patient
  • Durable Hygienic/Low Friction Materials – Smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean and promotes ease of transfer when sliding the sling underneath the patient
  • Can be laundered or disinfected with standard cleaning agents
  • Disposable models may be discarded when soiled
  • Engineered for patients weighing up to 1256lbs/570kg (Polyester)
  • Available in sizes XXXL – XXXXL (Polyester)


StrapsPadding: is soft padding for the lift straps of a sling

SoftLegSupport: is extra soft leg supports for pressure-sensitive users

LoopTag: is for marking the sling loops that should be used for a specific user

SlingBelt: provides the user with an extra sense of security

NameTag: is for the labeling of slings, belts and other assistive devices

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