ANA Nursing and Care Table

All-Purpose Nursing Table Designed for Everyday Care

ANA is designed to assist with patient care in a safe and comfortable manner and is ideal for changing places environments. The large lifting range allows for easy transfers from wheelchairs and optimum working heights for everyday care. The surface features moisture-proof, soft, comfortable padding that can easily be wiped down by caregivers for disinfection. The low profile of ANA makes it suitable for smaller rooms where space is a concern. Due to its wall mounted construction, no substructure exists that can harm children or adults when being used. A foldable model is also available allowing for additional floor space.

Product Details


  • ANA is available in different stretcher sizes to meet patient and room requirements.
  • can be optionally equipped with foldable side rails for extra safety.
  • Easily adjust ANA electronically for optimum working heights.
  • ANA is available in a foldable version making it perfect for rooms with limited space.
  • The stretcher can move down to 400 mm (15.7 in) for direct wheelchair transfers.
  • The electronic height adjustment and foldable version of ANA allows for ergonomic work in smaller, confined spaces such as bathrooms.
  • Additional accessories include side rails for roll-off protection and padding.
  • The included hand control allows for easily controlling the functions of ANA.
  • Moisture-proof, soft, comfortable padding for easy disinfection.
  • Choose from a wide selection of optional colored padding options.


  • Rail protection front bar
    • 950117100
  • Padding for front bar
    • 950117150
  • Roll protection head and foot side bars (set)
    • 950117200
  • Padding for head and foot side bars (set)
    • 950117250
  • Roll protection rear bars (set)
    • 950117300
  • Padding for rear bars (set)
    • 950117350
  • Head part
    • 950109000

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