4000 Curved Stairlift

Twin-Rail Stairlift for Curved Staircases

This double-rail curved stairlift can handle tight turns, spirals and stairs with intermittent landings with ease while you ride in safety and comfort. The twin rails are precision-measured using the Savaria Handicare PS4D photo measuring system, then custom manufactured right here in North America to the exact specifications of your home.

If space at the bottom of the staircase is a concern, the seat can be parked upstairs by adding a Powered Hinge Rail that lifts and folds the track away when not in use.

Installing the Handicare 4000 usually involves only two visits to your home: a precision measuring session to ensure a perfect fit, and a second visit for the installation of your custom lift. Move up, not out with Handicare 4000, from industry leader Savaria.


Product Details


The 4000 offers a sleek and clean appearance with fewer self-support posts than many other curved stairlift models. It’s battery operated so during a power failure, your stairlift can typically make several trips up and down. Enjoy easy operation with armrest controls and two radio frequency remote controls, as well as two available weight capacities: 300lb and 350lb.

You get reliable quality and safety at every turn with standard safety features, including a retractable seat belt, overspeed brake and obstruction sensors. There’s even a hide-a-way option with folding seat and parking feature to keep the stairway clear when not in use.

Ask your dealer about optional upgrades make using your Handicare 4000 safer, easier and more convenient.

  • POWER SWIVEL Get increased security and reduce risk of falls. With a simple toggle of a switch, the seat turns so you’re safely facing the landing and not the staircase when getting up from your Handicare 4000.
  • POWER FOOTREST Bending down can be a real pain in the back. Skip it with a powered footrest that lets you fold and unfold as needed without bending.
  • POWER HINGE Reduce trip hazards with this option that retracts the stairlift track to remove any potential obstruction at the base of the stairs.


Your comfort and security matter. That’s why we have a selection of seat options to complement your home design, your lifestyle and your mobility needs. Ask about our adjustable height, width, depth and armrest spacing on select seat options.

A classic look with an easy-to-clean leatherette finish and manual fold-up seat, armrests, footrest and swivel. Available in Sand.

A polished design that’s built for comfort. Perfect to pair with power swivel and power footrest options. Available in Sand.

An endless array of options and upgrades to satisfy all needs and personal tastes. Available in Cocoa, Sand or Slate.

Ideal for those with knee or hip problems, the raised seat and reduced seat depth allow you to ride slightly standing. Available in Cocoa, Sand or Slate.

Specialized UV-protected upholstery provides longevity outdoors without fading or cracking. Available in Slate.

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