Ceiling Lifts

Designed with caregivers in mind, Handicare ceiling lifts are perfect for home use. Our ceiling lift systems provide a new sense of confidence. We manufacture a complete line of portable and fixed ceiling lifts.

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

When you’re looking for a permanent solution, Handicare fixed ceiling lifts are the answer. Offered in five weight capacities, we’ve got you covered.

Portable Ceiling Lifts

Traveling from room-to-room or taking a loved one on a cruise, Handicare portable ceiling lifts offer you the flexibility you desire.


Temporary or permanent, fixed or portable, Handicare manufactures an array of free-standing and fixed ceiling tracks.


With over one million slings manufactured worldwide, Handicare offers a comprehensive line of styles, sizes and materials that can be used with most ceiling or floor lifts. We also offer options for users that require a customized solution.

Multi-Purpose Seated Transfer Sling

The most commonly supplied patient lift sling for general transfer purposes.

Seated Transfer Sling for Toileting

Specifically designed for toileting and hygiene functions.

Walking Support Slings

Offers upper body support and freedom of movement to assist in ambulation, gait training and fall prevention.

Sit to Stand Transfer Sling

For use with sit-to-stand lifts, our slings give gentle and comfortable support while raising to a standing position.

Specialty Slings

For niche needs and unique situations, Handicare offers a variety of specially designed slings.

Floor Lifts

We love easy transfers! Handicare floor lifts help you transfer, position, support or lift your loved one in a variety of scenarios.

Mobile Lifts

Get where you want to go with ease. Our mobile lifts include different styles and weight capacities to help patients in all of their daily activities.

Sit-to-Stand Lifts

Sometimes you just need a boost. Our sit-to-stand lifts assist patients with standing and/or gait training while maintaining their dignity.

Manual Transfer Aids

From lateral transfers to repositioning in bed and gait training, Handicare offers an extensive line of manual transfer solutions. We make moving easier for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Assistive Walking Devices

Our assistive walking devices are there to help you get back on your feet and keep your stride in line.


Extra support and security to get you on the move again.

Low Friction Devices

Our expert aids ensure smoother and smarter ways to make everyday transfers easier.

Slide Sheets

Quick and effortless repositioning is possible with our versatile line of slide sheets.


From sitting up in bed to slide prevention, check out our other manual transfer aids.