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handicare customer testimonial florida

Christy & Guido in Florida said:

Guido and I are at a loss how to thank you for our stairlift. Some of our worries have been lifted. Erick and Jose were both awesome people and worked so hard.

You made us very happy, and we could not have done it on our own. There are wings for you all in heaven.

Thanks again and again!

handicare customer testimonial netherlands

Mia Otten from The Netherlands tells her story:

For several years, I was battling serious heart issues, but I was at least mobile. Suddenly without warning, my health became much worse. It deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t even walk 10 yards or climb the stairs. This severely inhibited my ability to enjoy and access my home.

As soon as I was restricted to one floor, I contacted Handicare about a stair lift. Within a few weeks, it was measured, designed and installed in my home, perfectly customized to my needs. Now, I can continue to sleep in my own bed with my husband while still using the bathroom upstairs.

As for my health, fortunately that has changed more positively as well. I received a new donor heart and no longer need to use the stair lift to climb the stairs. However, we love it so much we haven’t had it uninstalled. It helped me in my time of need that I don’t want to see it go, but also think it’s a good backup to have. While I hope it is a long time before we need to use it again, understanding its benefits, we couldn’t imagine living without it should something happen to us. So instead, we allow the grandchildren to use it when they stay with us.

margret m testimonial 2

Margret of M. in Germany shares her story:

Two years ago, I suddenly found it hard to climb the steep staircase. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with a disease. I knew it wasn’t going to get any easier, so it was time to act. Through an acquaintance, I learned about Handicare stairlifts and the positive impact it has had on their life. So, with short notice, I started to tackle “operation stairlift” in my own home, even though I was not sure if the narrow staircase in our 120-year-old house would even allow for the installation of a stairlift.

After the first contact with a certified Handicare dealer, everything went very quickly! They sent someone to my home to survey my staircase and advise me of all my options. And the narrow stairs? It wasn’t a problem thanks to Handicare’s array of options for narrow staircases.

After only a few days, I was the owner of a brand new stairlift! It only took a few hours for installation, too! From that day on, it has no longer been a problem for me to climb the steep staircase. I no longer have to worry about moving or being restricted to the first floor of my home, which makes me happy because I have spent my entire life in this house. All of my memories reside in this house, so a move truly was the last resort.

I would recommend a stairlift to anyone who has problems with the stairs. A stairlift has not only provided me physical relief, but also mental relief by providing me peace of mind.

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